Meat Dartmoor
Superb Brisket
from Sherberton Beef
Moor meat on your plate

1.5 Kg (3 lb) Brisket joint
450 ml (¾ pt) brown ale or red wine
1 Tb olive oil
8-10 shallots peeled
1 clove garlic peeled and crushed
1 bay leaf
2 carrots roughly chopped
1 Tb brown sugar
2 Tb Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tb tomato puree
ground black pepper
4 small turnips peeled and quartered(optional)
Gravy granules


  1. Place brisket joint in large bowl, pour the brown ale or wine over the joint and leave overnight in the fridge or somewhere cool.
  2. The best way to cook this joint is very slowly so if you want to do this in a slow cooker, bottom oven of an Aga or on very low heat prepare the joint in the morning as described in 3 otherwise heat the oven to gas mark 5, 180°c, 350°F.
  3. Drain the joint, reserving the marinade and pat the joint dry.
  4. Heat the oil in pan and fry the meat to brown all over
  5. Transfer to a large casserole dish
  6. Fry the shallots and garlic, add the reserved marinade and bring to the boil.
  7. Add the bay leaf, brown sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, tomato puree and black pepper to taste.
  8. Pour over the brisket, add carrots, cover and cook for 45 minutes if doing the "quick" method or all day otherwise.
  9. Add turnips, baste joint and return to oven covered for ¾ - 1 hour or until tender.
  10. Remove the brisket and vegetables, rest joint, keep turnips warm but discard the carrots.
  11. Drain juices into a saucepan and thicken with gravy granules, amount will depend on the amount of juice left and thickness of gravy required.
Brisket is a much neglected joint best cooked slowly or after marinading. It is full of flavour and well worth the effort.


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