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South Devons at Pizwell
South Devon bull and his harem at Pizwell Farm © Alison Geen

Contact: Frank or Sue Martin
Address: Pizwell Farm, Postbridge, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6TN
Tel: 01822 880223
Delivery: We cover a large area of Devon and some other areas, please enquire
Supply: Monthly all year round
Minimum Quantity: £20 if delivered en route or available through Sticklepath or Postbridge
Stores in smaller quantities
The beef is from South Devon cattle and lamb from Cheviot and Dartmoor ewes. Born, reared and finished on our own farmland. All stock is fed natural feed only and reared at the speed nature intended.

See below for current prices (11th July 2013). Remember these prices include free delivery to many areas of Devon, please enquire if you live further afield for delivery costs.


We can usually offer the following (prices per kg)
Fillet Steak £28.00
Sirloin Steak £18.90
Rib Eye Steak £16.50
Rump Steak £14.90
Minute Steaks £12.50
Rolled Meat- please order min 1kg
Sirloin £17.50
Fore Rib £12.90
Topside £11.50
Silverside £10.50
Chandlers Cut £11.50
Brisket £09.00
Rib on the Bone £11.50
Rolled Rib (leg of mutton cut) £11.50
Loose Meat
Braising Steak £8.90
Chuck Steak £8.90
Skirt £8.90
Stewing Steak & Shin £8.00
Lean Mince £7.90
Burgers, pack of four £4.00
Oxtail £4.50
Liver & kidney £3.70


We usually have lamb hogget available which is approx 1 year old, and we have our new season lamb from October onwards.
Our price remains the same all year so you won't pay any more in January than you do in August.

Whole or ½ lamb

£ 6.50 per kg, this will come butchered to your requirements and in one big bag. You can then choose how to pack your cuts etc for the freezer.

Individual cuts per kg

Leg - £9.95
Shoulder - £ 7.95
Chops - £12.50
Rack - £12.50
Mince- £7.45
Diced - £9.25
Shoulder-boned and rolled £9.25
Breast- £ 3.30
Liver - £5.00


Stock treated with respect not chemicals

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